Hey Moms and Pops!

Hey Moms and Pops!

Hey Mommy’s and Daddy’s,

As new parents Jon Cody and I are worried we haven’t registered for all that we need or have skipped some HUGE thing that will keep the baby (Tru) alive LOL!

We want to share our registry and let ya get a peak into what we are gettin for the babes.

Tru’s bedding and bassinet are being picked out by his Gramma K (Jon Codys Mama)

His crib is being tricked out by either Daddy or my Daddy and his Grandmother Crisco!

I am in MAJOR nesting phase and am trying to get it all done this second :)

TRU DIAMON FINGER is due in 8 WEEKS!!!!! WHAT WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ahhhhhh!!!!!

Let me know what cha think :)

We are registered at:



We are also registered at:

Babies R US

(for some reason they won’t let me change the spelling of Jon Codys name on this one! grrrrr)



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  1. Looks like you got a lot of it covered. Where on earth did the cookware set come in with the baby? LOL
    Unless I missed it there are bath safety devices they can sit in when they can hold their head up. There is also a chair called Bumbo they can sit in. Excited for you guys.