I saw this before the baby shower...a good sign for sure :)

Something I saw on Pinterest...Hostess Gifts for Steff and Currier

I wore my Italian wedding shoes :) A gift from Mamma K (Jon Codys Mom)

My girls...Steff and Currier threw the shower!

Currier is my FAVORITE artist...She painted this Tru :)

Steff is my fav crafts gal! She made Tru a handmade mobile to go above his crib :)

The girls are such lurvly decorators for drinks...

Steff & Corrine made: DELISH Bfast casseroles, fresh cut watermelon slices, sausage pinwheels (granny) Cream Cheese Coffee Cake and Spinach blackberry salad in parmesean cups..

My oldest and dearest friend :)

Ole Tyler be the best song writer in town! Love her!

Sara Beth and Currier like to put they hair up!

Currier has an AMAZING catering company! BUTTERCUP CATERING!

My girls :)

Currier and her mama!

Nik, Lisa, Steff and Corrine

Even some redneck glasses! Thanks Dana and Jake!

Kit smokin and coffee! hahahah

The bible Tru's god Parents got him (The Ehries)

Sara Beth made Trussef this!

My Moms In Law sent some things...MY FAV!

We sturp!

Jonny came and helped me load it all up!!!!



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  1. These are adorable!! So happy for y’all and the newest Stealing Angel memeber!

  2. Thanks for sharing this event with us. I really enjoyed the pics and, as usual, you put a smile on my face. Looks like it was fun and everybody had a good time. Again, congratulations to you and Jon Cody! Cant wait to see Tru. Love ya!